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Security is one of humans' basic needs and without real as well as perceived security, our social and economical systems would severely suffer. At the same time, the minimum requirements for security are increasing in line with the evolution of likely threats – also within the area of IT security.

Today’s society is more vulnerable to threats in IT security than ever, as it is more than ever depending on the proper functioning of information and communications technology while criminal elements increasingly focus on these areas.
Therefore, SciEngines offers a wide range of assistance in digital forensics, IT security, FPGA-Security and Cryptanalysis with the goal to make the world a more secure place.


Please see below sections for a detailed description of SciEngines' capabilities and hardware performance for cryptanalytical applications. Alternatively, please contact us.


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Cryptanalysis Performance

The security of symmetric and asymmetric ciphers is usually determined by factors like key-length as a primary security parameter.
When choosing a cryptosystem, these parameters need to be analyzed according to the assumed computational capabilities of an attacker. Depending on the security budget, many cryptosystems are potentially vulnerable to attacks when the attacker's computational power increases unexpectedly.
Typical attacks can also be characterized in the form of time, memory and data. Here, time characterizes the number of „primitive operations“ needed to be performed in order to break a certain cipher. Memory specifies the amount of storage (and its cost) required to perform the attack and data is the quantity of plaintexts and cipher texts required. In real life, the limiting factor of an attacker is often his financial resources. Thus, it is crucial from a cryptographic point of view to not only investigate the complexity of an attack, but also to study possibilities to lower the cost-performance ratio of the utilized hardware. The "keys/second per dollar spent" is becoming more and more relevant as budgets become more restricted.

COPACOBANA and its successor RIVYERA offer a massively parallel platform allowing more parallel „primitive operations“ per second than any other platform in the market. An example of the new RIVYERA's performance for e.g. encoding 128 bit AES compared to other commonly used hardware is illustrated below. In case you want to assess different encryption algorithms' performance for finding the one with the most suitable security profile for you: Please keep in mind that AES has a too large key space for exhaustive search attacks against correctly implemented encryptions with computer-generated keys - no matter if cutting-edge FPGA hardware is used. But, human-generated passwords are still at risk, if the attacker has sufficient processing resources available and below figures may provide an approximate guide for selecting a minimum length and complexity of passwords.

AES decryption speed

Due to the significant performance advantage in the area of cryptology, SciEngines FPGA-based computers offer a better "keys/s per dollar spent" than any other commercially available technology - by a large margin. If considering running costs to operate e.g. graphics card clusters, it is no surprise that various private and public entities around the world rely on SciEngines cryptology solutions.


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Digital Security Know-How

SciEngines has a rich analytic expertise in digital security systems since its beginnings as a startup of two German universities in 2007. Therefore we, SciEngines, and our highly qualified partners have a unique capability to ensure hardware- and software-based security for our clients from businesses and government institutions all over the world. We offer high performance hardware solutions and digital forensics services to protect you from industrial electronic espionage, fraud, hacking and certain types of product piracy.

Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy specifies certain actions prohibited by SciEngines GmbH (SciEngines) for users of SciEngines' products, machines, software or services of any kind. SciEngines reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time to stay in compliance with laws, regulations and security requirements. By using SciEngines products, machines, software or services of any kind, any customer, employee or third party unconditionally accepts the terms of this policy:

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