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Reconfigurable computing hardware of SciEngines is capable of massively improving the performance of your algorithms. The highly optimized utilization of chip space and the potential of massively parallel execution will boost your software performance to never known performance levels. And when we say 'never known performance levels', we mean it: SciEngines hardware will speed up your code not only by a factor of 5 to 10, but 1000 to 10000.

SciEngines' main focus is high performance computing for life-sciences and cryptanalysis. But, other computationally intensive fields like financial mathematics, engineering, and natural sciences (e.g. geo sciences, weather forecasts) can also benefit from such capabilities. Common to all of those application fields is that computational power is a major cost factor and can even be a source of competitive advantage.

Though we focus our activities on above mentioned fields, we also provide custom hard- and software solutions in case none of the available standard products fits your requirements. Additionally, we offer services like IT consulting and training in VHDL for programming your own applications on reconfigurable hardware.