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Financing Services



SciEngines' aim is to make high performance computing as cost-efficient and accessible as possible. Due to this, we are happy to cooperate with financing institutions and offer leasing services for all of our products. Cutting-edge hardware is usually a significant strain on financial resources, but an advanced IT strategy can help to keep them at a minimum. The image on the right illustrates the impact on your cash flow when choosing standard hardware, buying SciEngines' solutions or leasing them.

Rates are dependent on the product selected and may start at a low 199€ per month. In addition to leasing, it is also possible to rent computers or computing time on our RIVYERA architecture - similar to cloud computing, but at a fraction of the cost that is commonly charged by large providers.



Your advantages:


  • In case of leasing, the hardware cost is split over two to five years. You will not need to make one larger investment up front, but can rely on low monthly payments that easily fit into your budgets.
  • The monthly payments are generally even lower than the electricity savings that you realize by switching from CPUs to FPGAs.
  • With a replacement of the hardware at the end of the financing-period, you can be sure to have the newest and best performing architecture available.
  • In case of rent, you are even more flexible - in order to efficiently cope with any short-term but large-scale demands.


Financing services are available for private companies as well as public institutions in a number of countries. We will be happy to provide more information or make a specific offer if you let us know about your requirements.