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SciEngines Machine Monitor (se_mon)


The SciEngines monitoring tool se_mon helps you to test your HDL designs on the fly. It gives you the powerful possibility to execute all API functions as shell commands. Without the need to write any special host software you are able to test your FPGA code on proper functionality. Any API functionality can be tested simply via a command-line interface. These commands include, of course, the configuration of FPGAs with generated bitfiles, writing arbitrary data in binary, hexadecimal, decimal or ASCII representation to FPGAs, reading back results generated by FPGAs and displaying the received values in all the above representations as well. You may also create test cases when writing often used commands to a batch file, which helps saving lots of time. se_mon also includes a history of previously invoked commands just as any shell would.

Please find additional documentation for download below:

se_mon utility